CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Chicagoans target relaxation at archery range

Reposted from CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, 01/02/2013 by Mike Thomas:

If you’ve ever watched an archery-rife film like “Braveheart” and thought those longbow-wielding minions who fired flaming arrows into enemy ranks had it easy compared to their sword-wielding brethren, consider this: medieval-era bows were so difficult to master that repetitive use wreaked havoc on archers’ anatomy by way of abnormally enlarged musculature and bone spurs on arms and fingers.

Modern-day archery isn’t nearly so physically taxing…

…What archery still requires, if you want to be any good at it, are countless hours of training. But weekend (or weekday) warriors are welcome, too.

Students at Chicago’s new Pulaski Park archery range run the skill-level gamut. Through an organization called World Sport Chicago, eight of them showed up on a recent Thursday to hone their skills in a warm and dreary basement area where, coincidentally, archery classes were held years ago…


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