Boxing Improves Both Physical and Mental Fitness

Boxing Improves Both Physical and Mental Fitness

Most people already know that boxing teaches physical characteristics like being physically tough, but what many do not realize is how it can develop young adults mentally as well. Boxing requires total physical and mental dedication day in and day out. It requires a great deal of commitment, preparation, and goal setting. By giving such dedication, students can greatly improve self-esteem, become more intrinsically motivated, and improve overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

Boxing is arguably the most humbling sports there is.  Many young adults that are naturally fit and aggressive athletically are drawn to the sport, but they quickly learn (most likely in their first session) that they simply cannot box without calmness and mental discipline.

Pugilism can also improve self image and mental fortitude. Boxing can completely transform a student from being academically stagnant, non-goal oriented, and not involved in school activities, to being self disciplined in improving themselves to achieve their goals in all aspects of their life. When a young man learns to utilize his strengths to compete, whether they win or lose, the kid has succeeded.

Overcoming adversity and resistance is the true nature of this sport. Boxers have to overcome the difficulty of their physical training, overcome their weaknesses, and of course the resistance of their opponent. Being able to do so will teach them to be calm and focused on their goals amidst total chaos. So, when they are not in the ring they can carry the same mindset; to be calm and focused only on what matters most.


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