Sport as a Tool for Social-Emotional Learning

Sport as a Tool for Social-Emotional Learning

The BAM- Sports Edition team has found that sport is a great compliment to the BAM group counseling sessions.  World Sport Chicago BAM- Sports mentors reinforce important social-emotional BAM values into their sports practices daily.  Social-emotional learning teaches students life skills, how to deal with oneself, other relationships, and how to deal with their emotions in a productive manner.  Accountability, positive anger expression, integrity, self-determination, and visionary goal setting are important BAM values that address youth development and are natural lessons learned in a sport environment.

Some examples of BAM values naturally taught in BAM- Sports sessions include: students are held accountable my their peers in practice if students do not show up on time, sports is a natural and controlled way for our young men to let our aggression, and one must have self-determination to practice regularly to be the best at their sport.

Another important social tool that is naturally taught through sport is relationship building.  Many BAM young men are able to interact with students in different grades, different classes, and most importantly from different gangs.  BAM young men are taught to respect each other during practices and this usually spills out into the halls during the day and after school, which is uncommon, in these notoriously chaotic and threatening environments.

Thanks to the BAM- Sports mentors and counselors teaching the young men of BAM these important social and emotional tools, these young men have become known leaders in their schools and communities.


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