Interning at a Nonprofit Organization: Sports Edition

Interning at a Nonprofit Organization: Sports Edition

About Me

My name is Alex Rubin and I am a new intern here at World Sport Chicago. I am currently a junior at Northwestern University studying Learning and Organizational Change. While not in school, I enjoy playing on NUT, Northwestern’s Ultimate (Frisbee) Team, taking photos on the beach, and exploring Chicago’s many neighborhoods. As part of my studies in Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy, I am completing an academic internship for the fall term. In my search for an organization to work for, I was drawn to WSC in part because of my love for sports combined with an interest in organizational studies, especially small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Alex playing Ultimate

Alex playing for NUT

The Power of Sports

I fully believe in the power of sports as a way to bring people together. Each time I witness a professional sporting event, I am amazed at the thousands of fans who gather together for the simple pleasure of watching sports. Thousands of strangers (sometimes even hundreds of thousands) are united by their common love for their team or common respect for the sporting event unfolding before them. At the same time, whenever I pass a field of kids playing on their own, I can feel the excitement and freedom of being on the field with my teammates, working towards the common goals of having fun and winning the game.

When I say that sports brings people together, I think that they are able to build community through common goals and interests. As an avid ultimate (Frisbee) player, I have walked into countless a pickup game without knowing a single player and left a few hours later with new friends. While we may not have known anything about each other before, we spoke the same language on the field and were able to relate to each other through our common love for ultimate. I imagine that millions of people around the world have had a similar experience through sport; it is precisely that kind of connection which keeps me playing sports and made me interested in working with sports-based organizations, especially one like WSC which builds those experiences for youth who may not be in a place to do so safely on their own.

My Role at WSC

I was lucky enough to find World Sport Chicago in my search for an internship this fall.. WSC designs its internship program as a way to connect the needs of the organization with the interests of the intern. This fall, I will be assisting with program development, specifically with BAM-sports, and internet communications such as this blog. These initiatives match my interests in organizational studies and programming and offer me the opportunity to learn new skills in internet content development and publishing. I am very grateful to WSC for offering me the opportunity to intern with them and to be able to design an internship program which matches my interests and is productive for WSC. I am looking forward to the next few months as a way to get more involved in the Chicagoland sports community, develop skills for myself to be successful in future workplaces and in future projects, learn about working for a nonprofit organization, and give what I can to under-served youth in Chicago.

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