About World Sport Chicago

World Sport Chicago, an independent non-profit organization, supports resiliency and strengthens community by increasing access to youth sport.

We hold that when young people are able to benefit from the positive values and fun experienced through sport, the trajectory of an entire neighborhood can change. World Sport Chicago takes action to connect kids to the caring mentors, safe spaces, and supportive networks that help them thrive. By advocating for investment in neighborhood sport and directing collaboration across community stakeholders, public agencies, and existing sport assets we will support greater resiliency and build a stronger Chicago.

World Sport Chicago has a unique history routed in the principles of Olympism and Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The organization has evolved substantially and learned much since the bid, yet the collaborative spirit and core values that drove those efforts remain central to our work.

Our Mission

World Sport Chicago supports increasing access to and participation in sport for low to moderate income neighborhoods and under-represented communities.

We uphold the values of excellence, respect and friendship in our work through our core principles:

  • Empower people that work, live and learn in a community as those with the greatest possibility for sustainable solutions and the greatest stake in seeing those solutions to success.
  • Embrace exploration, not limiting ourselves to convention and being open to innovation and learning.
  • Remain authentic to our goals, skills and specialties, embracing the positive contributions of others and the power of collaboration.
  • Pursue results that matter, balancing quick wins with systemic progress.

World Sport Chicago

Reach the World Sport Chicago team by phone during normal business hours, Monday through Friday: (312) 861-4850.

Questions about partnerships, programming or supporting youth sport engagement can also be emailed: info@worldsportchicago.org.

Mini-marathon at Smyth