Associate Board Application

World Sport Chicago is accepting applications for the WSC Associate Board until Friday, January 6th. Please complete the information below completely and accurately.

We are unable to save partial applications. You may take as much time as you need to complete this application, but if you navigate away from this page your information may be lost. If you believe you may need to save and come back, we recommend completing your answers in a word processing application such as Microsoft Word and copying and pasting your answers into the form below.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, email Liz at or call 312-861-4940.

Contact Information:

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15. Number of years you have lived in Chicago:

16. College Attended:

17. Graduate School Attended (if applicable):

World Sport Chicago Engagement:

18. Have you previously volunteered with World Sport Chicago? If so, please provide a brief explanation of your role and indicate what event(s)/program(s) you volunteered for.

19. Have you ever participated in any of World Sport Chicago's fundraising events or campaigns, such as Spin to Break the Cycle, in the past? If so, what event were you a part of and how much money did you raise?

20. (Not Required) Do you know any current World Sport Chicago staff members and/or current members of World Sport Chicago's Board of Directors? If so, please list who and explain in what way(s) are you connected?

Application Questionnaire:

21. Does your employer have a Matching Gift Program? YesNo

22. Does your employer have a "Dollars for Doers"/Volunteer Grant Program? YesNo

23. How did you hear about the World Sport Chicago Associate Board?

24. Why do you want to become a member of World Sport Chicago's Associate Board?

25. What talents/skills do you have that would benefit the World Sport Chicago Associate Board?

26. What do you hope to gain from your involvement with the World Sport Chicago Associate Board?

27. Please list any other volunteer organizations or trade organizations with which you have been involved with and the capacity to which you served. (Also indicate any on which you continue to serve.)

Resume or CV:

Your documents should be uploaded through this application or sent in via email to When emailing, please include the following in the subject line: Associate Board Attachments - [Your First Name] [Your Last Name].

To upload attachments, click the corresponding "Choose File" button and select the file you wish to submit. To change your selection click the button again. Your file must be 1 MB or less in size. Only the following file formats will be accepted: .txt, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .doc or .docx.

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General Areas of Focus:

The Associate Board will work in four general areas of focus and individuals will be broken into committees based on the area(s) that best align with their experience and interests. Please rank the following in order of your preference:

Fundraising & Sponsorship: To identify, engage and build deep relationships with individuals, companies and foundations in an effort to secure the resources and funds needed to make World Sport Chicago's mission possible.

Events & Networking: To develop two Associate Board fundraising events per year and assist in the planning, management and execution of World Sport Chicago's largest annual fundraiser, Spin to Break the Cycle.

Marketing & Mission Connection: To build awareness about World Sport Chicago's work in the community and ways people can support World Sport Chicago. Secondly, to connect our supporters with stories about the impact their contribution is making in the community and in the lives of youth across Chicago.

Membership & Professional Development: To engage and continually motivate current members in achieving their goals, as well as prospecting, recruiting and retaining new Associate Board candidates. Secondly, to unite the World Sport Chicago family and create opportunities for Associate Board members, along with our sponsors, donors, volunteers, vendors and community partners to build meaningful relationships and gain access to resources for their professional/business development.

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