PlayStreets Resources for Organizers

The resources below are available to PlayStreets organizers. Please contact with any questions on the PlayStreets resources below or for additional technical assistance.

Identify the date and location for your PlayStreets.

  1. Identify a space in your community that lacks access to parks or other safe play spaces. Remember, a PlayStreets event should be no more than one block in length, with no bus routes or metered parking.
  2. Create a work plan for your PlayStreets organizing team, starting from the date of your event and working backwards. Use our getting started guide to help with your planning.
  3. Apply for a PlayStreets/Block Party permit at your Chicago Alderman’s Ward Service Office, leaving at least ten business days for approval.

Plan Games and Activities for your PlayStreets.

  1. Identify activities that would be engaging to members of your community yet provide a variety of skill domains, open to a variety of age groups and create opportunities to engage both kids and adults. Our activity planning guide provides some considerations when identifying activities for your PlayStreets. 
  2. The PlayStreets Chicago activity handbook provides several specific suggestions for activities for your PlayStreets.
  3. Communicate your plans across your organizing team and to your volunteers. Consider laying out the full activity schedule and creating a visual layout of your event ahead of time.

Get Involved

World Sport Chicago is proud to join the Active Transportation Alliance in facilitating PlayStreets for the south region of the city.

If you are interested in learning how to get involved with our local PlayStreets partners or being a community organizer yourself contact Jason at 312-861-4843 or

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