SportsLaunch: Wrestling

SportsLaunch’s wrestling program promotes the development of inner-city wrestling programs in Chicago schools, parks and community-based organizations. The program leverages strategic alliances with targeted initiatives such as:

  • Hosting the city’s largest all-ages wrestling tournament,
  • Mat usage grants for the start-up of new programs,
  • Micro-grants for basic equipment and supplies,
  • Coach training and development, and
  • Integration into the regional and national communities.

World Sport Chicago works in partnership with select school programs to help the coaches develop growth and sustainability plans that will allow them to reach more youth with the hope of eventually becoming self-sufficient clubs.

For more information, contact or 312-861-4949.

World Sport Chicago Wrestling Festival

The annual World Sport Chicago Wrestling Festival is the largest all-ages wrestling tournament in Chicago, offering an opportunity for everyone from first-year athletes and seasoned veterans to have a fun and challenging experience. Admission is free and open to the public for spectators.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Wrestling Festival!

Wrestling Festival