WSC Scholars Program

Between 2010 and 2013, World Sport Chicago named over 200 Chicago student athletes WSC Scholars. Scholars were matched with a corps of 85+ volunteer mentors who worked with students as they navigated their junior and senior years of high school and began the process of applying for college and appropriate levels of financial aid.

The WSC Scholars have:

  • Attended over 20 workshops focused on the college application process
  • Identified, applied and matriculated to “good match and fit” colleges
  • Spoken with nearly 2,000 elementary school students about the importance of athletics and academics – inspiring a new generation of student-athletes
  • Recorded over 178 volunteer activities
  • Had the opportunity to attend unique special events such as Olympic Day activities, the United States Olympic Committee’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony presented by Allstate and the Doha GOALS forum

The WSC Scholars Scholarship

Fifty-six WSC Scholars were competitively selected and awarded financial aid through World Sport Chicago to help support them across their four years of college. These select WSC Scholars attend over 35 different colleges and universities and continue to receive awards through World Sport Chicago ranging from $1,453 to $10,000 annually.


WSC Scholars’ Stories


WSC Scholars in Action