PlayStreets Chicago

A part of the Chicago Department of Public Health’s Healthy Chicago, PlayStreets Chicago encourages neighborhood organizations and residents to join their neighbors in getting active and moving. Throughout the summer, pop-up play spaces are created by temporary traffic and parking restrictions that are granted through the support of those living on the block.

These free PlayStreets activations empower communities to come together and address barriers to active, fun, and healthy play for children, teens, and families by rethinking our roadways and creating access to safe and supervised spaces. Local organizers may provide games and activities but businesses, volunteers, and community members should feel to bring their skills, hobbies, sports equipment, or other activities and join in on the fun.

Anyone can organize a PlayStreets activation. Contact your Alderman and local ward service office or the Community Assisted Policing Strategies office at your Chicago Police district office to learn more.

Sponsored PlayStreets

Each spring PlayStreets Chicago awards implementation grants and technical support to community organizations seeking to develop PlayStreets activations in targeted community areas.

Priority is given to areas where families may face barriers in getting to established sport and play destinations such as parks or community centers during the summer months. Community areas with social and environmental barriers such as income-constraints, higher incidence of violence, and under-invested community infrastructure have been demonstrated to have less healthy development opportunities for the young people that live there.

The community-based organizations oversee the development of PlayStreets within a defined community area and are responsible for working with residents and public officials to ensure safe, health-focused execution of a series of activations throughout the summer.

View a Schedule of Sponsored Activations

Planning to Play

Technical Support Regions

Gads Hill Center and World Sport Chicago provide support for the North & West and the South & Southwest regions respectively.

If you would like to learn more details about how PlayStreets is being implemented in your area or to get involved with a specific activation, review this map to determine their technical support region and use the information below to connect with the appropriate facilitating agency.

North & West Region (areas 1-32, 76-77)

Facilitated by Gads Hill Centers. Contact Cindy at or 312-226-0963 for more information about joining PlayStreets efforts in your North & West Region community.

You may also visit the Gads Hill Center’s PlayStreets North & West Region page.

South & Southwest Region (areas 33-75)

Facilitated by World Sport Chicago. Contact Jason at or 312-861-4843 for more information about joining PlayStreets efforts in your South & Southwest Region community.

You may also visit the PlayStreets South & Southwest Region page.

Resources for Organizers

Several resources are available to help organizers in planning their events!

Visit the resource page for help with:

  • Permitting and resources available through the City of Chicago,
  • Activity ideas, event planing and event design, and more!

Presented in Partnership

Powered by
Healthy Chicago CDPH

Technical Support
Gads Hill Center (North and West)
World Sport Chicago (South and Southwest)

Implementing Organizations
Be the Movement Youth Network
Boys and Girls Club
Build, Inc.
Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
Carey Tercentenary AME Church
Carole Robertson Center for Learning
Centro Comunitario Juan Diego
Centro Romero
Chicago-Lawndale AMACHI Mentoring Program
Chicago Youth Centers – Sidney Epstein Center
Chicago Youth Programs
Chinese Mutual Aid Association
Claretian Associates
Davis Community Development Group
Demoiselle 2 Femme
Gads Hill Center
Garfield Park Community Council
Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation
Hyde Park Kenwood Legends
IMPACT Family Services
Kells Park Community Council
La Casa Norte
Mary Crane Centers
Northwest Side Housing Center
Project Education Plus
Southwest Organizing Project
The Community Builders
Voice of the People
Woodlawn Public Safety Alliance


PlayStreets in Action

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