Developing School-Based Sport

World Sort Chicago is excited to partner with Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Park District to present CPS SCORE!

Prior to SCORE!, only an estimated 10% of CPS's 400,000 students participated in district sports programs, and there was no district-wide conference for 5th through 8th grade sports. To combat this, we're supporting CPS and the Parks to establish new after-school sports programs at schools throughout.

World Sport Chicago has been selected as a 2016 winner of the KaBOOM Play Everywhere Challenge Grant! Using this grant, World Sport Chicago will create a built environment play space that will encourage kids in South Chicago to make play, every day. This strategy is rooted in the community and combines intentional process, strategic location and inspired design to build community strength and unity through play.

The working theme, Moving Forward, builds upon existing efforts for equitable community redevelopment. It celebrates the foundation of hard-work found in South Chicago's industrial past while looking to tomorrow to build strong bodies, creative minds and a connected community.

PlayStreets: How Communities Build Play