Delivered with Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Park District, CPS SCORE! is a youth sports initiative aimed at creating opportunities for school based sport and play! The project is focused on ensuring that any student which wants to play has the opportunity do so, and features a no-cut policy, after school practices, and guaranteed playing time for all.

Prior to SCORE!, only an estimated 10% of CPS’s 400,000 students participated in district sports programs, and there was no district-wide conference for 5th through 8th grade sports.

Key Program Highlights

  • No cuts and guaranteed playing time for all students, regardless of skill level or physical ability
  • Saturday game days and after school practices to ensure all CPS students have the ability to participate
  • High schools host games providing an accessible and positive game day experience
  • Service learning opportunities allowing members of the community to get involved and build strong bonds with both youth and their neighbors

CPS SCORE! in Action!

Additional Resources

CPS SCORE! is looking to grow and there are many ways to get involved! Learn more about CPS SCORE!